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The Acknowlegement Corner

Life has been a roller coaster
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for last 3 years and since I have been moving across countries,it seemed I had lost touch with life in adjusting to changesbut now I am taking out time to work on my lifeagain and am proud of doing that since I know re-inventing oneself is True Religion Outlet
a big challenge and I have taken my first step in this direction today.

Started a fantastic day with driving my kids to school which was an achievement in itself driving all by myself in the new country after so long. The time I had fretted a lot went off peacefully giving me loads of enthusiasm to carry forth.

Some of you must be thinking how can such a smallthing be a milestone to remember then for you let me describe it. People like myself are HSP ( Highly Sensitive People )and for us small things matter a lot and when these small things add up it makes a big thing. Those of you who are non HSP it may sound silly but that is our world and the purpose of writing this to make you understand that.
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Anyhow so I acknowledge myself for taking first step towards re-inventing myself.

It your turn, find out small things that you can acknowledge yourself today !!!

This is what I wrote on my page and today after very long decided to open my blog.

Always looking to do things for others trying to be the best one can for others is a common human tendency but do we do the same for ourselves.

Well we all know the answer to that one now is the time for you to lookat yourselfand do something for yourself.

Please be kind to yourself its good to let go and not be so harsh with oneself.

Then don forget to True Religion Jeans
acknowledge yourself for that helps one to move forwards.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.

Today I acknowledge myself to find peace in a small moment of life when I was in deep stress.

I had too much on my platter today and so took a moment to breathe some freshness into my lungs and stood by the window only to find a gentlemanplaying golf in kids play area. It was mid afternoon and quite True Religion
hot and this man was simply enjoying all by himself pursuingsomething he loved without bothering about heat and no companion and that it was a small playground in the middle of apartments. I liked his spirit and felt blessed by God to make me realise that peace is just to be felt in any moment anywhere and all my stress was gone.

Share your wonderful moments with me here.

Today I acknowledge
myself for inspiring others to evolve in their lives and derive theirinspiration from me. All through my life I have found people getting inspired by me whetherit was school or college or professional life or personal life or life as a coach. My constant quotes and other efforts have inspired friends to ponder over some more quotes and other coaches to have their own pages and quotes andaffect more and more people. This indeed is becoming like a movement, so I pat my back and acknowledge myself.

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