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Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana

It damages the body. Moreover, even if True Religion Sale
people claim that people are not harmed, their intellect is harmed, which is a worse damage than damaging the body. True Religion Outlet
It prevents one from understanding Torah, Davening, and keeping mitzvos properly.

One gives himself extra cravings, worse than those for food and drink. This is a sin which we learn from the “Rebellious son”, which is punished for his cravings for food, even though the food is one hundred percent kosher. All the more so it is forbidden to create within himself a new craving for something that he naturally has no desire and no need. Moreover, True Religion Canada
just like the reason that we execute a “Rebellious son” (even though he didn’t do any sin worthy of execution) is because we see that he will come to robbing the population, so too drug use is a step towards robbery.

wrote what the Lubavitcher Rebbe told True Religion Jeans
him in a private audience about drugs. He said that the whole point of the Torah is for one to be a master over himself. Drugs (as well as other addictive and psychoactive substances) make themselves the master over him.

Even though one could say that True Religion
bread is also psychoactive, yet drugs are worse, as they are addictive. But in a lesser sense too, the same is true of our other prophets. You will search in vain throughout Jewish literature – long before the 20th century – for any statement that prophecy requires the consumption of any substance. Alex Jan 2 at 3:05

Firstly like the Ben Sorer Umoreh the
rebellious son. Drugs definitely fall under this prohibition so all these reasons leads Reb Moshe to the Conclusion that marijuana use is against Halacha.

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