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In 2006, Christian activist Kirk Cameron starred in a propaganda video which includes, in part, a one-minute segment with Ray Comfort on how the banana is proof of God’s existence. Calling the sweet, yellow fruit the atheist’s nightmare, Ray Comfort rattled off a list of the banana’s unique features t
Click To Viewhat prove it must have been intelligently designed to make it convenient to eat.

These features include a comfortable shape, non-slip grip outer peel (the inner side of the peel famously being a different story), convenient opening tab, and “perforations”, which I can only assume refers to the 5 ridges along which the banana naturally peels, since bananas certainly do not have actual perforations. And of course the color of the peel is a natural indicator of its ripeness.

Oddly, Mr. Comfort opens the banana from the wrong end. Since bananas ripen from the other side, the stem is only a convenient opening tab at or past its peak ripeness. It makes a much better handle anyway, so when you open a banana from the correct end, it’s not only much easier to peel North Face Backpacks
but you also have a little hand-hold to grip while getting that last delectable bite out of the bottom.

Unfortunately for Mr. Comfort, the humble fruit which he holds in his hand is not the banana one would find growing wild in the jungles of their native Malaysia. In fact, his Cavendish banana is just as much a product of human intervention as it is of nature. Far from being a perfectly designed fruit for human consumption, the modern banana is the direct result of the United Fruit Company looking at wild bananas and saying “That’s not very good, but I think we can fix it.”

Indeed the Cavendish banana is United Fruit’s second banana masterpiece, after the Gros Michael (or Big Mike) banana. Wild bananas were originally small, about the size of a human finger. They also came in multiple colors, were filled with annoying, hard seeds, and weren’t anywhere near as soft and sweet as the bananas found in typical North American produce sections. These bananas, in fact, can’t even exist in the wild.

The modern banana is a result o North Face Sale
f years of selective breeding to create a specific cultivar with all the desirable properties magnified and all the undesirable properties minimized. Perhaps the most extreme example of human tampering is the fact that the Cavendish has no seeds. Fruit is supposed to have seeds, that’s the whole point of fruit. Animals are supposed to eat them, walk away, and unknowingly plant the seeds with a nice, fresh load of fertilizer somewhere else. The banana is just one of a number of fruits that modern botanical science has managed to breed without seeds, other examples include the Navel orange, the seedless watermelon, and the seedless grape. These plants are entirely unable to reproduce naturally. They require human intervention to take cuttings and transplants to ensure their continued existence. For our efforts, we get a homogeneously soft, sweet fruit with nothing to chew around or spit out.

The problem wiNorth Face UK
th seedless fruits, however, is that they are all genetically identical clones of each other. The Gros Michael banana went extinct specifically because of this: a fungus called Panama Disease spread throughout the world’s banana plantations and killed them all in the 1960s. Monoculture farming encourages catastrophes like this in the first place, but when all the affected fruits are genetically identical clones, there’s very little that can be done about it. Furthermore, without the ability to reproduce with seeds, they can’t even try to mutate and adapt to become more resistant to the disease, they can only chug along with the same genetic lineage they’ve always had.

What I’m saying here is that the Gros Michael banana is a human-bred, intelligently-designed fruit that went extinct specifically because it couldn’t take
advantage of the benefits of evolution.

The Cavendish banana, the specific cultivar that Ray Comfort displays to the viewer, was selected to replace the Gros Michael because it was second-best. Almost as sweet, it has a thinner peel that bruises more easily and requires greater care in shipping. And due to either gross incompetence or wishful thinking, the assumption that it might be more resistant to Panama Disease turned out to be false, and there are indications that it might be in danger of going extinct as well.


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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: Michael Kors Gansevoort Sale, relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 387th chapter fishing roof inner yellow XIO lamp illuminates a piece to stare in amazement face ,eyes in the outflow of a dim .
Everyone likes beauty ,you are very beautiful ,every time I see you want to see a beautiful things .Like in the halls, my heart is from s i ,want ,can always can not ,can only silently watch .
I can see from your eyes ,you can intend to me, or is opened ,in this go deeper and deeper ,I still have a long way to go ,but you ,could not conceal the world known as the woman behind me .
Which of you sacrifice was too great ,and unfair . Zhang Zijian Chou smoke ,heavy tone ,the car quietly ,in addition to deep breathing ,all was quiet . People are from the s i ,me too ,I also have feelings ,I can only help you to offset to you my heart that loves ,although painful ,but not to make mistakes, can also have to love my people and I love people .
I say ,you understand ? Muffled sound lets the human very depressed ,the girls head playing back ,do not know when the eyes with water droplets .In fact, Zhang Zijian do not want to ,want to say these ,misunderstanding deeper and more adverse to him, especially the following people ,do not know the weight ,once rumored ,was fatal ,before coming to a long time to do a show ,also cannot say cheating XIO girl, with a deep tone a smile face North Face Kids North Face,slightly sad voice to impress her .
Perhaps can bring a little effect ,perhaps when their own self-assertion .Perhaps with the aid of XIO girl innocent ,in Zhang Zijian didn ,but I have cheated ,cheated is the kind of love .
The truth is quite good ,although direct also hurts ,but most sad or talking to people ,so lost, lost .Not XIO heart ,but too XIO heart .Afraid of being caught something ?Blame myself for not hide adore .
Two people lost, two person ,let the quiet of the night even more silent .Meaning has been finished, Zhang Zijian threw the cigarette butt ,slowly turned around ,said: you ask me to what ? This must clear words to others ,a trick played then find topic ,obviously not to miss XIO reaction time ,Guo Meijuan gently facial ,body slightly down ,with a little whispered :s all right .
XIO ,spare no force .It was a quiet night ,listen to see .See her mouth bit netg stuffy sighed again he said : I send you back . Well ! After eight the street was dark ,XIO town has no street lamps ,street listing of faint light from the window under the eaves .
The car slowly across the road ,the distance is very tight ,a fuel door on the past, seemingly for one or two minutes ,but this is more than a minute ,two people the mood is heavy while each other without speaking ,not even look at each other ,two beams of light shone in the road parking .
After parking, Zhang Zijian looked at her side ,see her shoulders slightly trembling ,again with smoke ,suddenly turned one, feel for the car outside the door someone .The corners of the mouth gently smile .
I go back . With a sad cake sister or softly said . Well .Call me if you need anything ,as long as I can do to help . Zhang Zijian exhaled smoke . Can I write to you ? Sounds obvious with heavy hoarse .
. Zhang Zijian uttered the words, see the figure from the car down ,curtain ran back and smile Timberland Classic Shoes,barely a smile ,gently closed the door after said : goodbye North Face UK Outlet
. This good-bye ,Zhang Zijian see ,a short period of time is not on this ,maybe then missing ,probably buried under a romance .
After the underground work will be difficult ,as long as the out of town or his work area ,there are still opportunities .If she is going to appear on the market, the Xiaoyao nest will more contestants .
Rabbit don eat grass ,the grass is really dangerous .After a brief conversation ,Zhang Zijian like Guo Meijuan can understand his meaning ,net girl who once fell into the river of love ,thought more simple ,almost making their dreams without considering the future even wake up to what is .
Back home in Zhang Zijian ,in what will Guo Meijuan and her family says that ,as long as to his fiancee on the line .As for the other ,the girls won ,always have to stay in the heart of fantasy .
As for the next step ,Guo Meijuan will come for him, even on the letter ,after all, Zhang Zijian could help her to complete a learning opportunity ,even if not, Zhang Zijian will also gradually you guide .
It as fishing bait ,you has been thrown, fish has also been the bait ,see fish bites .A tense expression let his fishing delay again ,although lost but this must feel grateful ,let his own weakness ,timely adjustment ,from this thing lets Zhang Zijian remember ,even if the heart is really like something or someone can from the eyes and facial expressions in Table 1 out.
A sad thing not to want to sleep overnight ,can still .The very next day at the office ,at the door .Liang Luosheng said to Zhang Zijian : piece of the mayor ,police station Zhai director .
Let him come in . Zhang Zijian sat down, picked up the beam Luosheng to tea, blowing cup floating tea .Presently Zhai Wei came under his arm ,a black leather bag ,Zhang Zijian walked in front of two Tu Jia closed ,straight left to stand desk .
What progress . Nor did Zhang Zijian and Zhai Weike ,know what he means ,now all police forces are used in downhill Village fraud ,Zhai Wei just return it ,so Zhang Zijian asked .
City Detectation detachment and Hall ,capture to the downhill Village Secretary and mayor and families .As for the Qin ,Qin LAN two sisters has been submitted to the Ministry of public security ,the national wanted .
Zhai Wei said . Well .Very nice. A Zi Jian nodded ,although the main perpetrators are captured ,but two XIO who can also give the village a jio generation . Zhang mayor what instructions ,I soon led to the provincial and city have an escort .
Zhai Wei looked at Zhang Zijian and said . Hard, all funds Town ,let the comrades to work harder, and caught the culprit, I give you again . Zhang Zijian smiling .Although the station efficiency is not flattery ,but she also knows a town police station funding is limited, you let them break the case ,it is not difficult for people ?Zhang Zijian offered Zhai Wei a part of funds ,is to let each other know town is to support their work .
No efficiency, it is the leading problem .Zhai Wei after thanking turned away .Zhang Zijian gave the Treasury calls ,let them to the police station to dial fifty thousand yuan for the past .
Next, Zhang Zijian began land acquisition ,planning ,such as relocation process ,not generally busy busy .Busy two days later ,Zhang Zijian received a letter from Guo Meijuan .A simple word, make an appointment to see him again ,this is the six city .
The time is very clear .Zhang Zijian arranged a job ,thinking the go to see the boss in .Reply to Guo Meijuan ,to change the place in the provincial capital .At the same time,
North Face UK Sale
previously in the provincial capital of the hotel address ,the telephone booking a senior suite .
The letter also gave the room a number written on it ,allowing Guo Meijuan to stay after the first .As a result of the postal delays ,Zhang Zijian straight beam Luosheng at noon to eat cake eating a bowl of wonton ,the way to send the letter .
Pick up the phone to Hou Liguo : I am ready to leave to go to the province ,lead what instructions ? You XIO finally bite off ,composure . Hou Liguo hey hey laugh ,damage to the lines of one of Zhang Zijian .
The province mainly to do something ,and the last trip . Zhang Zijian originally thought so ,and not go alone ,in his view ,the leading team in the open area of the provincial leaders took group or set down ,don how good the city list ,the largest in the province with the common reference .
His name will appear on the inside, Secretary of provincial Party committee first unwilling .Take a trip or ,at least can hear above meaning ,not just boring talk ?When a boring meeting had ,the leaders must pass two strokes ,Zhang Zijian really want to learn .
Hou Liguo to Zhang Zijian said : Ge Tianmin can retire . Zhang Zijian gawks ,instantly understood what it means ,open area upgrades ,already made a lot of people to be ,even the last several months will be waiting .
Of course ,what changes may not expected ,a few months time can change everything, can step back to host ,early one step .Think for a while ,Zhang Zijian loss Hou Liguo said: you gave me before the route completely dead .
I will tell you no ,also convince me ?Such as GE
North Face UK
Secretary to retire, I go ,you let me go up !Not sure about something, then give me a promise .Or how to say it is full of politicians shooting ? A Zi Jian loss Hou Liguo say a word ,an angry attached directly to Zhang Zijian ,it really depends on the calculation of Hou Liguo ,didn people really can jump up and down .
Although no final decision x ng,but the general framework is outlined .You can prevent .Hou Liguo also felt too underestimate others progress thought ,so crazy .Family Zhang Zijian said yes, didn grasp things don too much of death ,or feel young Timberland Men’s 6 Inch UK Sale,politics also has many deficiencies ,at least from the way of speaking on later want to change a lot .
Arrange finish the job the very next day ,Zhang Zijian took some native to the provincial capital ,provincial capital has reached three in the afternoon, to the provincial Party committee secretary secret telephone appointment ,night white secretary about a few home .
Fortunately, Secretary of provincial Party
committee evening, not surprisingly normal work, but this rarely have time Michael Kors Grayson Outlet Sale,don know if Zhang Zijian luck .Zhang Zijian came to the book Ok Hotel ,have a look of time, time is early, Guo Meijuan long car ride to five points ,plus find here time, estimated to be more than six, can just take her to a good meal .
Came into the room just rest ,a day of the car ,also tired .When a knock on the door ,Zhang Zijian from the netg pasteup ,a look at the outside it was already dark, hands Rou soft face ,stood up and went to open the door .


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Some things like personalities and viewpoints, are simply a set amount of data that may fluctuate over time slightly, but ultimately will never go full scale making a person both an introvert and an extrovert for example. I’ll pass on enslaving people.

The reason I gave you the basic Buddhist statement on n North Face Jackets Sale
irvana and asked a favourite lama-type question (who is doing ____?) was just to point out that the ideas about the nature of reality in Buddhism are very different from most western belief systems. (Yours included.) That makes it near impossible to have a conversation without some basic understanding of actual Buddhism, not the new agey, just-be-nice image it has round these parts. So, my answers to the question why follow the Buddhist path will probably seem odd, but here goes.

The Buddha said that he taught suffering and the cessation of suffering. So, overcoming my suffering. Sometimes people state that the the aim of Buddhism is to be happy, but their particular pursuit of happiness is very different in character than what people usually think of.

The Tibetan Buddhist practice adds another aim: to endnorthfacejacketscheap2
the suffering of all beings. That might also be stated as developing compassion for all beings.

Another aim is to overcome delusion and experience the the true nature of reality (what the Buddhists call emptiness). That’s often called becoming a buddha or fully realized.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is North Face Outlet
found written in your religious books. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Oh dear, tomato pasted luggage is not a fun way to end a flight. My flights were without incident, and I ended up on a South Africa Airways flight (I guess they are partners). After I landed in Lilongwe, I had a 4-hour drive to one of our sites. I must say, though I was worn out, the warmth of the North Face Sale
greeting was so lovely it took all the stress of travel right out of me. My theory is the people of Malawi are the friendliest in the world. Spent most of today traveling with the mobile unit doing physiotherapy, so I’m writing reports. Beautiful place, beautiful people.

Hi June Ya, long time no see.

ATM, I work for an organization based in the UK that does hospice care and care for people with chronic illnesses. The organization has some international sites,
mostly in eastern Europe, plus the two (close together) in rural Malawi. In Malawi, the focus is on people with physical disabilities and chronic conditions who don’t have easy access to care. I met a delightful young fellow today who, 2 years ago, could neither walk nor use his hands. I met him at his school and we played a bit of footy with him and his friends.


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Qin Fang is obviously not know these things UGG Broome Boots,never mind to inquire about this matter .His task completed, just wait for the next .As for the Dragon God will deny ,Qin Fang is not mind ,believe that God was not to make such a wise thing .
Others may fear the Dragon God but Qin Fanggan things ,even the Dragon God is felt considerable crisis ,there is no need for this money with Qin Fang such people become enemies .Of strength and capital ,Han long obviously than ,a notch higher .
The Dragon God is not only the most ,in the island lord it over others that is no problem, but out of Hong Kong ,who also don anything .Han Long is different, he is in Southeast Asia is the famed half ,even in the underground world is also quite famous ,the result is not let Qin Fang to die .
Compared with Han long, Qin Fang wanted to kill the Dragon God ,it is much simpler for Dragon grandfather grabbed this group of drugs against the yamaguchi-gumi ,triple help things ,it to solve the trouble, with Qin Fang no relationship .
The island is the dragon territory North Face Jackets Sale
,with the two gang would not fit to each other ,killing time is a lot of ,this time just burst out .The two gang in Hong Kong ,and also can eat the lose money for there Golden Triangle drug dealers and river soft will be what kind of response ,but Qin Fang felt some of questions ,but this is the Dragon God of trouble ,since he dares to do ,nature also is had with countermeasures ,do not need to worry the Qin fang .
.. … This matter is over for now ,not a few days ,the Dragon God is the money hit Qin Fang ,more or less Qin Fang did not care, this is a worthwhile ,the goods of specific value how many ,it is not so accurate ,almost on the line the .
But the money to start later, Qin Fang assets would have to close to $ one billion ,converted to also have a billion ,he really billionaire .But Qin Fang they obviously have no such feeling ,or with one real Hu a ,where the money is not too much .
.. … Qin Yuanyuan was temporarily Qin Fang placement at the hotel, just to the island places ,Qin Fang is also occasionally come to accompany the one or two night .After all, his real wife ,he will not be left out in the cold .
Of course ,this thing Qin Fang did not deliberately withhold ,has been with the Tang Feifei account of this matter ,and for Qin Yuanyuan past as well as the Qin Fang on her schedule has done a careful account of the .
Tang Feifei is not the kind of unreasonable people ,did not say what ,is acquiesced in her presence … … Harem affair, Tang Feifei controls ,but is not required for Qin Fangcao what heart ,he also can concentrate the energy absorbed in her own affairs .
For example … … Practice boxing. Father Qin Tiannan was the Devil Island ,waiting for his son to save ,to enhance the strength is Qin Fang is currently the most important thing .Underground boxing is a very good way ,although the opponent temporarily with Qin Fang has apparent difference, but killing opponents such as ,can increase their kill gas, but also by the brush their own justice value .
.. … At the same time Qin Fang wondered, if you have the opportunity to go into Boxing Union ,which he is quite attractive .A vest to mixed boxing Union ,this is Qin present a plan ,and Qin Fang has secretly made contact with and duct .
Although it is said that introduce a friend to fight ,but not that the person is his own ,and duct are did not care, full of promise … … Perhaps and duct early identification of this so-called friend is Qin Fang yourself .
After all, Qin Fang origin ,background ,they are restricted to Qin convenient itself status in the underground boxing ,but there will always be people who have other options .For example ,m ngsurface patches .
.. … Although and duct to guess the outcome ,but the process is obviously some wrong ,Qin Fang not using these common cover ,fundamentally changed the side faces ,that another .
Just a change of plans … … In Qin are prepared to make this vest appeared, one of the things that come unexpectedly ,Qin Fang is also a little be taken by surprise . Qin fang ..
. … My brother … … He is my brother … … When Tang Feifei appeared in front of her tearful Qin Fang ,had been nearly choke with sobs ,suddenly let Qin Fang was pulling pain .
Now ,what the hell happened northfacejacketscheap2
?Your brother do ? Qin Fang to hold Tang Feifei ,a face anxiously inquired ,the face is full of pity and love . My brother of his … … An accident happened to him .
.. … Tang Feifei bathed in tears ,say ,just off and on the whole thing with Qin Fang simple confession .Not easy to Qin Fang from it intermittently in a word or two about a general situation ,also understand why Tang Feifei is so sad .
What is this … … Located in the south of the Dragon Anlang country ,bordering with the dragon country ,two countries in recent years has been the existence of some friction ,is also the main Anlang too poor ,prone to dragon country side marauding UGG Payton Boots,even by a border of adjacent words ,a large number of drug dealers from here .
.. … And the dragon country bordering the southern Yunnan Province ,belonging to the military power range, border defense tasks are made by the military to take charge of the .Tang Ning naval District special warfare team leader ,years ago led and the military special operations unit conducted a simple military on .
.. … The military ,happened to get a message ,a group of powerful fighters into the southern border burning and looting ,caused a lot of dragon people injured ,killed, captured a large number of materials that ,even in strong firepower ,continuous destroyed three border posts like this happens ,immediately let the the military aspect be furious ,so the military to send special warfare brigade to destroy the only armed force .
Get message Tangcheng ,immediately ask Ninghai military region ,the two army had made it one of cooperation ,each sending a team to go into the plan ,sneaks into the border with minimal losses to destroy this group of militants .
Of course ,it is the two largest military special operations unit in a contest .It is not a big deal ,nothing big task ,two military regions are not too concerned about in accordance with previously normal ,the two teams out ,basically will soon be completed .
But this time ,the two elite squad was missed … … Or rather ,it from a to Z is a trap .This group of armed terrorists ,is not the former that Anlang guerrillas ,not only the North Face Outlet
fierce fire ,all is a s Americanstandard weapons ,ammunition and weapons ,quite sufficient ,the armed forces completely lost to the regular army .
And this group of people the number of many ,actually reached hundreds of people, feeling like a medium-sized mercenary regiments … … Ninghai ,the two military regions each sent a commando squads ,each team only then more than 10 people ,two teams also add up to thirty people .
As a result of the action with a match for the X ng,two teams are from the two direction ,fight the enemy separately … … Results are naturally be made dumplings .Soon they will be cut off contact with the rear ,to now have a message did not .
So much things is to keep North Face Sale
this from the two major military ,both have a problem ,the immediate dispatch of troops to rescue .As a special forces team of the executive ,but also has the special status of the Tang ,the news nature should notice ,so the message to Tang Feifei here .
Fifi ,OK ,your brother is all right, he was still alive. Qin Fang arms around Tang Feifei ,and gently comforting Kids North Face 3in1 Jackets,tone is very strong ,as if he said is the truth in general . He was really all right ? Hear Qin Fang Tang Feifei is tempted to stop crying, some not very sure asked .
Well ,he is still alive … … Qin Fang again nodded ,very definitely said .This is not his only to comfort Tang Feifei say so ,in fact ,he does know the Chinatown still alive ..
. … Because of his good friend list, Tangcheng name still shine .This is Qin Fang advanced to the master detective skills to another function of it, more of a friend function … .
.. Somewhat similar to the function .In the buddy list ,a detailed list of the names of several people, and Qin Fang relationship intimacy to the order .As listed in the first one is the Qin Qin mother ,then Tang Feifei ,Xiao Muxue ,Chu and Qin Fang Yunxuan woman ,why is some close friends ,such as Chinatown North Face Vest Sale,Ning Weiqiang ,Xiao Nan and so on !Of course ,this list is not only friends ,in addition to a classification of the enemy ,said that accurate should be an adversarial relationship .
Li Rui ,Han long ,with three of these people are in this list .But Li Rui ,coated are still alive ,their names are still shining Han Qin Fang dragon has been killed ,the name is rendered a grey s !It is precisely because of this, Qin Fang can certainly tell Tang Feifei Chinatown still alive !As for why he knows so well ,Qin Fang is not easy to say ,he is the main reason for Tang Feifei said ,perhaps did not believe .

Fifi North Face Brooklyn Parka Womens Outlet,I immediately go to Ann lang … … Although we can be sure of Qin Tang is still alive ,but watching Tang Feifei that worried look ,Qin Fang immediately made such a decision .


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There is an ample of Pandora Bracelets Australia
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Each and every day millions of Americans are unknowingly exposing themselves to dangerous, toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals are absolutely, without a doubt known to be cancer causing. While other chemicals are not linked to cancer, they have been shown to contribute to hormonal disruptions, headaches, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and irritability. You are very likely a victim of this dilemma and have been so since childhood.

Believe it or not, the very products that you have been taught to be beneficial for you are the very products that contain ingredients that may be posing a serious threat to your health. Products like soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and make-up usually contain cheap, synthetic ingredients that are suspiciously harmful. There are in fact more than 125 ingredients used on the skin suspected of causing cancer, 20 cause adverse nervous system reactions, and 25 are connected to birth defects. What you put on your skin penetrates and can enter your body. Transdermal patches (like Nicotine patches) prove this.

Numerous articles have been written on the hazards of chemicals in personal care products. Senator Edward Kennedy has written several letters to Congress regarding the health risks associated with using cosmetics that contain cancer-causing ingredients.

Have you ever read the ingredient listing on a personal care product and wondered what all those big, complicated words really mean? This article will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions about the products that you put on your skin. We will consider just 8 of the most common ingredients used Thomas Sabo Bracelets
in skin and hair care products and explain why they are so hazardous.

This information may sound unbelievable, but bear one thing in mind. In 1938 the FDA granted the personal care industry the power to regulate itself. Therefore, products can be marketed without government approval of ingredients, regardless of what tests show. Pre-market safety tests are not required and with the exception of a small amount of banned chemicals, manufacturers can add almost any ingredient to a personal care product.

Here is a small sampling of ingredients commonly used in skin, hair, and oral care products. Here’s what the labels don’t tell you.

1) Fragrances. Don’t be fooled. Just because it smells good, doesn’t mean it is. Often one of the first things a consumer does when trying a personal care product is to smell it. If the product smells good the consumer is much more likely to want the product. Often the label on the product will give the illusion that the scent is natural. A picture of a flower or fruit leads the consumer to think that the jasmine scent must be from real jasmine. More often than not, this is simply not the case. Most fragrances are of synthetic origin. Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic (causing or contributing to cancer). Thomas Sabo Charms
Manufacturers are not required to disclose the individual ingredients as they are considered “trade secrets.”

Symptoms reported to the FDA include headaches, dizziness, allergic rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting, and skin irritation. Clinical observation proves fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope, and other behavioral changes. Halifax, Nova Scotia has declared many scented products to be hazardous to public health and has therefore banned the wearing of all cosmetic fragrances in most indoor public places.

2) FD Color Pigments. Again, don’t be fooled. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it is. The only purpose color pigments serve is to make the product look attractive. It serves absolutely no beneficial purpose for your skin. These color pigments are actually synthetic colors made from coal tar, containing heavy metal salts that deposit toxins onto the skin, causing skin sensitivity and irritation. Animal studies have shown almost all of Thomas Sabo Australia
them to be carcinogenic. These are often labeled on a product with a number following, such as FD Blue No. 1.

3) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). You will find these ingredients in almost all cleansers that foam. These chemicals are even used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. Research indicates that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate causes inflammation of the skin and can weaken the immune system. Young eyes may not develop properly if exposed to SLS because proteins are dissolved. Be especially alert for these ingredients in Baby Shampoo.

4) DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine). These ingredients are again found in most products that foam. These hormone-disrupting chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic effects. On February 23, 1998 the CBS talk show “This Morning” reported on a Federal government study that revealed DEA and DEA-based detergents to Pandora Beads Australia
greatly increase the risk of cancer, especially liver and kidney cancer.

5) Triclosan. The EPA registers Triclosan as a pesticide and is classified as a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans. Triclosan is so toxic it is measured in parts per trillion. To illustrate-one drop of Triclosan in 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools can cause hormonal disruption! This chemical is a synthetic “antibacterial” ingredient and is therefore found in most antibacterial soaps, lotions, and toothpaste.

6) Propylene Glycol (PG) Butylene Glycol. These are petroleum plastics that easily penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. PG is a solvent so powerful it dissolves through a stainless steel tank in 48 hours so it has to be stored in plastic drums. The EPA considers PG so toxic that it requires workers Pandora Bracelets Australia
to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles. However, Propylene Glycol is used in some products in concentrations of up to 20%. It is also the main ingredient in certain types of Antifreeze. How’s that for good skin care?


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A thing of beauty is joy forever said John Keats. Beauty attracts human like a magnetic field. Jewels have long been the most alluring ornamental force for women and even men. Kings and queens, emperors and their wives clad themselves with heavy gold. Jewellery Australia
Somehow gold has always been preferred over other elements. Diamonds hold a secondary place when it comes to wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Although it can’t be denied that this drift is more relatable to the Asians. Europeans are inclined toward white gold and diamonds.

There was a time when people wore pure heavy gold jewelry. It was a symbol of the rich. Brooches made of gold with convoluted designs where a must on the women gowns during balls and other occasions. The use of white gold is comparatively lesser than yellow gold because it is relatively expensive.

Weighty gold earrings and necklaces plus the anklets are worn on weddings. Not only the bride is adorned with gold jewels but every woman Pandora Charms Australia
in the wedding room has something or the other around her neck or wrists and fingers. Nothing short of gold tends to give a sense of completion.

Today’s gold jewelry is Pandora Jewellery Sale
it not heavy and purely original any longer. The economies of the world now face a shortage of supply of resources that embraces every single criterion. Technological changes have placed its print even on ornaments. Gold jewelry once shaped into a necklace or ring manually passed on to generations. Now the inheritors simply get those jewels remade according to the trend. A 24 carat gold set is melted and remade occasionally. That reduces its value double fold down to 13 or 12 carat only. A single gold bracelet can now give a woman two pairs of Cheap Tiffany Rings
gold earrings. A conventionally smart transaction!

Gold is assorted with other metals in order to make it light weight and economical. Besides this factor plain gold jewelry has become obsolete. Necklaces and rings made out of gold are decorated and embodied with beads, pearls, emeralds and stones. Another feat of jewelers is gold platted jewelry, making gold affordable. Most gold jewelry patterns are machine made and designs repeated. What the present world Cheap Tiffany Necklaces
is doing with gold jewelry makes a person think, all that glitters definitely isn’t gold. But at least it helps self and status conscious people in showing the world, they too can afford to wear gold.


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Orchard client Simon Pure has been shortlisted in the prestigious 2010 Toast Jewellery Australia
Of Surrey Business Awards, whose sponsors include the Surrey Advertiser newspaper and Eagle Radio 96.4. The design led jewellery manufacturer and retailer has been nominated in the Creative Industries category.

The business was established 24 years ago at Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh by Creative Director Steve Parsons, Technical Director Kevin Rogers and Managing Director Alix Parsons, and has since opened a Guildford shop as well as expanded its Smithbrook operations.

Simon Pure prides itself on designing and creating cutting edge contemporary jewellery in platinum, gold and silver and specialises in unusual gemstones. 70% of its stock is designed and created in house.

The company is no stranger Pandora Charms Australia
to awards having won three top UK jewellery awards in the past three years. However this nomination is particularly satisfying, as Steve explains. “While we have always been known for our creative talents over the years, it is good for us to be recognised for our achievements as a successful business.”

We at Orchard wish Simon Pure every success at the awards ceremony, which takes place on Friday 5th March at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford.

Founded in 2006, Orchard Pandora Jewellery Sale
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