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Till what level is helping others a christian duty

For example, i am very talented in helping and healing others. <strong><A href=””>True Religion</A></strong>

however throughout the years i noticed that like 99.99% of people that i supported, kept their human relationship with me only limited to the Days where they needed my help.

I started to believe that it is not “always” sane to help others. What do you think – based on the bible – is the limit where helping others must stop?

The thing is, even if you have a deep faith and <strong><A href=””>True Religion Jeans</A></strong>

would like to be a blessing to others, the selfishness in people at some point might make you not enjoy what you are doing anymore.

Great question, sounds like you are at a similar place <strong><A href=””>True Religion Canada</A></strong>

I was not too long ago, when I questioned the “saneness” of what I was doing and how I was helping. Here was what I ended up learning the hard way, if it gets to the point where you are no longer joyful (in the Lord) it causes other aspects of you life to suffer (raising you child) or creates more problems somewhere else, then I truly believe that is NOT what Jesus wants. You are right, and actually as christian , or mainly human, each of us has a specific talent, a limit, and a field where he/she is good at. So we cannot all be mother theresa, but we can better than her in field where she wasn good at. shadesco May 27 at 22:27

the Lord disciplines the one he loves, . what children are not disciplined by their father? 8 If you are not disciplined-and everyone undergoes discipline -then you are not legitimate, not true sons and daughters at all. Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it. . They disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share in his holiness.

As a parent, I want to shower my kids with every toy I can think of, and never make them do a thing. This weekend, I’ve been working with them to clean up all that junk. I’m realizing that they don’t need or even want everything I’m given them. Also, I could just pick it all up for them, but where would the learning be? Sometimes, the most loving thing I can do is help them to help themselves. You are right bro, but our relationship with God is not “blind” master and slave relation. I do not serve two masters. JESUS asked the people to give him the two fish and bread and he fill the basket for them. It means, he said do what you “Can” do, what your limit imposes and i do the rest. What i mean is, in my opinion (i dun have kids but sill), you should as a parent provide for them and make <strong><A href=””>True Religion Outlet</A></strong>

their life very pleasurable , mostly by doing activities with them and teaching them how to deal with life. But also, “never making them do a thing” is not helpful for them. Use the example of the eagle in the bible:  <strong><A href=””></A></strong>

at some point he puts thorns in his nest to make his kids leave and jump. The bible has an answer for you, Matthew 23:3–>”So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” It is telling you clearly that pastors are human and a lot of them sin and do not do what they preach. This doesn mean your faith should be affected, cause your faith is about Jesus Christ not how human behave toward Jesus. A lot of people do this mistake, they judge religion based on human acts! Its like judging medical laws by a failed doctor! shadesco May 30 at 1:46

You can do works until your head explodes and it will never be enough. There is enough need in the world to drain every Christian completely dry and still there would be needs unmet. So asking yourself how long you should continue your good works is a self-defeating question.

The real answer lies in a complete paradigm shift from works to grace.  <strong><A href=””>True Religion Sale</A></strong>

When you begin to see that the answer doesn’t lie with your works, but rather with God’s work being done through you and others, then the “I gotta work harder!” voice in the back of your head begins to quieten, and you become filled with peace and joy. When you are RESTING in Christ, rather than running an endless hamster wheel of works, then it becomes your great joy to help others. It’s no longer a burden. And when you’ve done what you can do, you’re perfectly happy to rest and leave the remainder in God’s hands. You don’t have to work yourself to a frazzle, never feeling like it’s enough. God has many tools. You’re not the only wrench in the drawer. You don’t have to disassemble the entire car by yourself. Trust God. He will put you where you need to be, when you need to be there. It’s really just about resting in Christ.



<strong><A href=”


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The Acknowlegement Corner

Life has been a roller coaster
True Religion Sale
for last 3 years and since I have been moving across countries,it seemed I had lost touch with life in adjusting to changesbut now I am taking out time to work on my lifeagain and am proud of doing that since I know re-inventing oneself is True Religion Outlet
a big challenge and I have taken my first step in this direction today.

Started a fantastic day with driving my kids to school which was an achievement in itself driving all by myself in the new country after so long. The time I had fretted a lot went off peacefully giving me loads of enthusiasm to carry forth.

Some of you must be thinking how can such a smallthing be a milestone to remember then for you let me describe it. People like myself are HSP ( Highly Sensitive People )and for us small things matter a lot and when these small things add up it makes a big thing. Those of you who are non HSP it may sound silly but that is our world and the purpose of writing this to make you understand that.
True Religion Canada

Anyhow so I acknowledge myself for taking first step towards re-inventing myself.

It your turn, find out small things that you can acknowledge yourself today !!!

This is what I wrote on my page and today after very long decided to open my blog.

Always looking to do things for others trying to be the best one can for others is a common human tendency but do we do the same for ourselves.

Well we all know the answer to that one now is the time for you to lookat yourselfand do something for yourself.

Please be kind to yourself its good to let go and not be so harsh with oneself.

Then don forget to True Religion Jeans
acknowledge yourself for that helps one to move forwards.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.

Today I acknowledge myself to find peace in a small moment of life when I was in deep stress.

I had too much on my platter today and so took a moment to breathe some freshness into my lungs and stood by the window only to find a gentlemanplaying golf in kids play area. It was mid afternoon and quite True Religion
hot and this man was simply enjoying all by himself pursuingsomething he loved without bothering about heat and no companion and that it was a small playground in the middle of apartments. I liked his spirit and felt blessed by God to make me realise that peace is just to be felt in any moment anywhere and all my stress was gone.

Share your wonderful moments with me here.

Today I acknowledge
myself for inspiring others to evolve in their lives and derive theirinspiration from me. All through my life I have found people getting inspired by me whetherit was school or college or professional life or personal life or life as a coach. My constant quotes and other efforts have inspired friends to ponder over some more quotes and other coaches to have their own pages and quotes andaffect more and more people. This indeed is becoming like a movement, so I pat my back and acknowledge myself.


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Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana

It damages the body. Moreover, even if True Religion Sale
people claim that people are not harmed, their intellect is harmed, which is a worse damage than damaging the body. True Religion Outlet
It prevents one from understanding Torah, Davening, and keeping mitzvos properly.

One gives himself extra cravings, worse than those for food and drink. This is a sin which we learn from the “Rebellious son”, which is punished for his cravings for food, even though the food is one hundred percent kosher. All the more so it is forbidden to create within himself a new craving for something that he naturally has no desire and no need. Moreover, True Religion Canada
just like the reason that we execute a “Rebellious son” (even though he didn’t do any sin worthy of execution) is because we see that he will come to robbing the population, so too drug use is a step towards robbery.

wrote what the Lubavitcher Rebbe told True Religion Jeans
him in a private audience about drugs. He said that the whole point of the Torah is for one to be a master over himself. Drugs (as well as other addictive and psychoactive substances) make themselves the master over him.

Even though one could say that True Religion
bread is also psychoactive, yet drugs are worse, as they are addictive. But in a lesser sense too, the same is true of our other prophets. You will search in vain throughout Jewish literature – long before the 20th century – for any statement that prophecy requires the consumption of any substance. Alex Jan 2 at 3:05

Firstly like the Ben Sorer Umoreh the
rebellious son. Drugs definitely fall under this prohibition so all these reasons leads Reb Moshe to the Conclusion that marijuana use is against Halacha.


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Instant Law of Attraction

Time and space do not offer a window where human consciousness is played out. Instead, powerful convergences of beliefs and emotions: (and their resulting Evolutionary Potentials platform imprint) create windows of opportunity within the time/space continuum.”

Through the years, there have been amazing stories about the law of attraction: people discovering how it can help to improve their lives. The following story of my own instantaneous LOA experience could almost be perceived of as humorous. However if you think about it, maybe it saved my husband and me untold hassles because, in the end, we heeded the mysterious advice coming from the ‘universe’.

It all started when our microwave oven seemed to be acting up–not heating the food properly. As it was an older model, I asked our sons if they might have an extra one on hand. Apparently, though, neither one had a spare microwave-oven to lend us.

The very next day I received a call on my True Religion Sale
answering machine instructing me to unplug my microwave (as it could be a fire hazard) and, by the way, what were its symptoms? Listening further, I was informed that this person did indeed repair microwaves. The strange thing was that I’d not called any repair person! Heeding the advice of the message, though, I promptly unplugged our microwave.

Quite curious by now, I phoned my sons back and asked if either had requested this business person to call me concerning repairing the oven. They both replied no.

Upon listening to the phone call more closely, I realized the caller was addressing someone named ‘Albert’. As we have no one in our family named Albert, I realized the message had been left by a wrong number caller. Nevertheless, I was very grateful and I knew that this was no accident–that we had attracted the perfect advice for that moment in time. What, indeed, True Religion Outlet
are the odds that a stranger would, out of the blue, call and give advice concerning the steps to take regarding a less than optimal-operating microwave oven?

For me, this occurrence was really not such True Religion Canada
a mystery for I’d been teaching and writing about the law of attraction for nearly two decades. It was, indeed, just Kuan Yin’s law of attraction teachings in action: the universe responding to our immediate needs! But maybe it was even more than that. As I’d just completed Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings; it appeared as thought the universe was once again confirming the awesome powers of the law of attraction.

References: Beneficial Law of Attraction: True Religion Jeans
the Manifestation Teachings

Bringing to Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings her extensive studies in ancient and contemporary wisdom and philosophy, Ms Bradford has especially acquired expertise in Transpersonal Hypnosis. In spite of her extensive professional credentials and experience, she could never have imagined the singular psychic event that would transform her True Religion
life. Commencing in the winter of 2004, a hypnosis client, Lena Lees, spontaneously channeled eastern Deity of Compassion Kuan Yin. She revealed Her immutable teachings on the law of attraction. Witness and transcriber of these sessions, Ms. Bradford has now distilled the original treatise: bringing to you Kuan Yin’s world-renowned compassion and its centrality to Beneficial Law of Attraction.

Speed in terms of manifestation is always equivalent to subjects in the equation. This concept is referred to in “Solar Plexus: The Secret Gravitational System,” as ‘darkspeed.’ In other words, some are able to manifest quickly or instantly, others experience time delays, and even more rarely create consciously.

Law of Attraction is really all abou
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How To Keep a Dog from Marking Territory

Dogs have the most unusual ways to mark their True Religion Sale
territories. This is through the use of their urine. However, even if a dog loves this idea, it is very much frustrating for you as an owner. This is true whether the dog does this outdoors or indoors. Good thing that there True Religion Outlet
are some things you can do to keep your pet from doing so. Here, check out these things you can consider in keeping your dog from marking his territory:

Neuter your pet. This is the process where the ovaries or the testicles of your dog are removed. Researches promote this process because it is proven that a large percentage of dogs stop marking after being neutered. This is true especially in females.

Catch your pet in the act of marking. Your dog will never know that it is not acceptable to do his markings in specific areas of the home if you will teach him the lesson after he has urinated already. It is important that you keep your eyes fixed on your dog soTrue Religion Canada
that you can teach him the right things when doing the act.

Clean the area where there are markings. The dog will keep on marking his territory if he keeps on smelling his urine in the area. Therefore, it is important that you make a way to clean up his urine together with the smell. It is best to use pet urine cleansers to ensure that the smell will be completely off. However, keep away from using any cleaning agent with ammonia when dealing with the marked area. Since dogs smell ammonia like urine, it is never a good idea to use these things.
True Religion Jeans

Determine the reason for the markings. There are different reasons why a dog can start marking his territory. This can be a result of a new dog in the house, a new baby, too much heat and other kinds of stress. If you will know completely where your dog is coming from, you can help your dog better in adjusting to the situation.

Do not allow the dog to spot other animals True Religion
outside your home. There are times that your dog will mark simply because of the intention of keeping your neighbor’s dog off the yard and the house. If this is the case, block his view of animals like this or teach him that the neighbor’s dog is a friend and has his own territory.

Give your dog some leadership exercises.
There are some cases that your dog will be marking his territory because he feels he is the one dominant in the house. If this is the case with your dog, engage him in leadership exercises. Show him that you are the only leader in your household in a positive and humane way.


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Flagrant misquote in the movie Divided

When watching the movie, Divided, last year at the Colorado homeschooling conference, I was curious about what kind of historical evidence would be brought forward. Would the true story of Sunday school be told?

To my dismay, it was not so. In fact, the impression was given that many church pastors and leaders were greatly concerned about, or even against, Sunday school. Words on pages of an old book were highlighted:

“Be that as it will; I repeat it again–my great objection to Sunday-schools is, that I am afraid they will destroy, in the end, all family religion; and whatever as a tendency to do this, I consider it as my duty to guard you against.”

Thus, the evidence for ministerial resistance to Sunday school in the early 1800s seemed airtight (at least resistance from one minister).

A curious observer may wonder about those words after the highlighted text. Do they change the sense of the quote? They are not highlighted, of course, and many people will not freeze the frame to read the fuller context. But we can and will. So let us do so:

“…my duty to guard you against. I might also shew that these schools are hurtful to public religion; for it consists with my knowledge that children stay at home from church to prepare their questions for the even; and thus families are divided when they ought to be together.”

Well, now we have an example of what he does not like about Sunday school: children are staying home instead of worshiping with their families. We know that even today some churches have Sunday school at the same time as public worship, and we would reject that as much as Mr. Burns.

With the fuller context manifest to any objective reader, it is not clear that Mr. Bruns is against Sunday school as such. (It is also at Internet Archives in another book Mr. Brown quotes.) So, we found the quote. And we found the context. This magazine reviewed a sermon of Mr. Burns recorded in book form. Partway through the sermon, “Mr. B takes occasion to argue against the introduction of Sunday schools into Scotland and to affirm that ‘he can see no necessity for the institution and that he is afraid men do not consider the effects that are likely to follow it. In England necessity may be pleaded as we are told there are few parents in common life who are qualified to instruct their children in the principles of true religion.’ ”

This interesting quote does not condemn Sunday schoo
True Religion Cheap
l as Sunday school. Rather he sees no “necessity” for it in Scotland (but perhaps for England). Would the makers of this movie think it acceptable in one place but not another? Mr. Burns continues:

” ‘But what ever may be said on the point of necessity with respect to England there can be no such argument with regard to Scotland. From the wise institution [of] parochial schools, every parish in Scotland is provided with the means of instruction. Children are taught at least to read and write and instructed in the first principles of our holy religion, as contained in our confessions of faith catechisms longer and shorter.’ ”

This radically changes the original quote! From a total rejection of Sunday school as Sunday school, the quote is actually a rejection of a parallel educational program. Why have Sunday school when we already have parish schools that teach reading, writing and Christian truth? Are the producers and cheerleaders for this movie in favor of Christian schools to replace Sunday schools?

Mr. Burns continues to explain that after the formation of a Sunday school: “thus old and young are put in motion upon the even[ing] of a Sabbath, when they ought to be quiet in their own houses, and employed in the duties of family religion.’ ”

We pause here to explain the Scottish situation. Church precepts and cultural tradition required strict Christian Sabbath observance, even to regulating activities between and after services: “That what Time is vacant between or after the solemn Meetings of the Congregation in Publick be spent in Reading Meditation Repetition of Sermons (especially by calling their Families to an Account of what they have heard), and catechizing of them…” (read here).

So, if the family is commanded to gather and review the sermon and catechize in the evening, then using Sunday school in place of that time would be quite serious indeed!

Mr. Leclerc and Mr. Brown are zealous proponents of family integrated churches. And their views are promoted by Colorado’s biggest homeschooling organization. But this
egregious misquote demonstrates why such a movement should not be promoted. And it highlights an underlining weakness of this movement: lack of substantive historical evidence. Without concrete evidence in favor of their peculiar brand of family and church unity, this movement easily becomes another collection of reactionaries without clear historical precedent.

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